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Baseline survey on National value index

The “Vision 2050” approved by the Parliament Resolution No. 52 of 2020 sets the goal of creating a shared national value as the first of the 9 goals defined in Mongolia’s long-term development policy. To this end, National Pride and unity; Nomadic civilization Mongolia; Mongolian language and script; Academic research and Enlightenment of Society; and The World’s Mongolia.

In developing any policy, program, or plan, it is important to identify the basics and, based on them, set goals and objectives. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of building a Mongolian with shared national values, we need to conduct a public opinion poll to determine whether we are proud of our national culture and whether we are able to join the shared national values. A system needs to be established to regularly evaluate and implement against clearly measurable and comparable indicators. In this context, our company “MMCG” provides consulting services on “Defining the methodology of the Shared National Value Index and conducting public opinion research”.


Within the framework of the goal of building a Mongolian with shared national values, to determine the indicators, sub-indicators, and their methodology to show whether the people are proud of their national culture and whether they are able to join the shared national values, to conduct necessary research, evaluate and make recommendations

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